PG15 15x30 3 Slots

Size: 15x30mm, 3 slots
Slot Width: 6.2mm
Weight: 0.6kg/m
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PG15 15x30 3 Slots



Surface Treatment: Satin Anodized

Size: 15x30mm, 3 slots

Slot Width: 6.2mm

Slot Depth: 6mm

Wall Thickness: 2.0mm

Weight: 0.6kg/m

Length: 5800mm or cut to specific size



It’s ideal for light constructions, such as building stands and laboratory fixtures. These profiles make up 

the biggest part of most constructions, being used to build the frame and the base that other elements 

are added to or branch off of. Finally, along the sides of the profile are t slots – which are used to 

connect various elements to the profiles.


Other service:

We can also cut the profiles to specific length according to your requirement. 


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