Conveyor Transfer System

Alu profile belt conveyor is common used in industrial area, such as factory automation, food, material handing etc.

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Profile Conveyor Systems


Alu profile belt conveyor is common used in industrial area, such as factory automation, food, material handing etc.

MAT belt conveyor system consist of B1100 B1200 B2100 B2200 B3100 B3200.



●Safer operations - By preventing fugitive material, our transfer point products reduce the risk of workers slipping and falling during clean-up.

●Less wear and tear on equipment - Because our products improve tracking, the belt lasts longer without fraying on the edges and the demand on the drives, pulleys and decking is reduced.

●Minimal dust issues - Controlling airborne dust means it won’t be inhaled by workers or ignite and cause an explosion.

●Fewer stoppages for cleaning - Keeping material on the belt means less spillage and fewer stops in production for cleanup.




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