90° Round Belt Curve

90° Round Belt Curve

The work piece pallet is as the transferring tool to convey the work piece to each work station. The pallet will be stopped by the stop when it arrives at the work station. The conveying medium will continuously operate.

Product Details

90° Round Belt Curve


90°Round Belt Curve Unit2


  • To work with WP2/S, WP2/E or WP2/C pallet.

  • Maximum load capacity per pallet≤20kg.

  • 90°curve conveying of pallet one by one without accumulation operation.

  • Length-width ratio of pallet less than 1.5(LWT/BWT≤1.5).

  • Suitable for pallet with width≤320mm, without changing pallet direction. 30kg rotate unit is recommended for big size pallet.

    90°Round Belt Curve Unit


Lithium Battery

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90°Round Belt Curve Unit3

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