Modular Workpiece Pallet

The pallet is as the transferring tool to convey the workpiece to each work station.The pallet will be stopped by the Stop when it arrives at the work station. The conveying medium will continuously operate.
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Product Details

Modular Workpiece Pallet


Work piece pallet type: WP2/S, WP2/E and WP2/C

Pallet range: can be selected from ranges of 160x160mm to 640x640mm (WP2/S and WP2/E) or 160x160mm to 640x640mm(WP2/C) according to request.

Application:Plastic frame pallet(WP2/S, WP2/E) and aluminum profile frame pallet(WP2/C), with steel or aluminum support plate, are both applicable for small load and medium load.


For more details of the workpiece pallet, please download the pdf catalogue


For WP2/S, WP2/E pallet, the modules can be assembled together to meet different requirements. Different frame modules and support plates can be chosen.

For WP2/C pallet, the full dimension range meets customers requirements on dimensions and configurations.