PTS2 Pallet Conveyor

MAT Pallet Transfer System (PTS) are composed of PTS1, PTS1H, PTS2, PTS4, and PTS5 differ in size and permissible load. PTS consist of standardized components which could freely combined with other unit to suit for production condition.

Product Details

Pallet Transport System

PTS2 Conveyor DescriptionPTS2 Conveyor Description

l  Modular design, part production in mold, easy to assemble and maintenance.

l  Due to its modular components, it can be adapted to suit specific production conditions and in conjunction with specific units including rotate unit, curve, lift and transverse unit and lift unit.

l  T slot aluminum profile frame for easy accessory attachment(sensor, bracket etc).

l  Conveying medium is antistatic toothed belt(Surface resistance range 1x10^6 Ω--1x10^7Ω). 


modular pallet conveyor system provides the solutions for

●factory automation,


●automotive assembly line,

●machining applications,

●computer hardware,

●communications etc.





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