Pallet Conveyor Automation Systems

Pallet Transfer System (PTS) are composed of PTS1 , PTS1/H , PTS2 , PTS4 and PTS5 differ in size and permissible load. The pallet transfer system consist of standardized components which could freely combined with other units to suit for specific production conditions.

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Pallet conveyor automation systems


The Pallet conveyor system is classified according to max. load capacity of single pallet. There are PTS1, PTS1/H, PTS2, PTS4 and PTS5. In each series, the standard conveyors can be combined with modularized units to meet different requirements of automation production. 




Pallet conveyor systems provide efficient modular solutions that can simplify your product flow, free up your production personnel and ease control complexities.


We offers a wide variety of pallet-handling conveyors, ideal for a wide range of parts from small to large, light to heavy, and everything in between.


Pallet conveyors fit seamlessly into nearly any manufacturing environment. They are ideal between machining stations, work in harmony with robots and humans, allow for building, inspect and testing stations, and so much more.



MAT Modular Conveyor system can help you to:

  • Improve Productivity

  • Achieve better Product Quality

  • Enhance Manufacturing Flexibility

  • Simplify System Development

  • Reduce over all Project cost

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