Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor

- May 14, 2018-

1. the rack can be made of stainless steel and made of aluminum. Chain boards can be selected according to needs

A chain plate with the corresponding material and width. Refer to the conveyor products - plate chain type selection.

2. choose different forms of flat chain, which can realize various functions such as plane transportation, plane turning, lifting and lowering.

3. the motor can be installed under the frame or rack as required.

4. speed regulation can choose frequency conversion speed regulation or choose continuously variable speed decelerating motor.

5. the conveyor can be provided with side baffle, and the control station unit is installed on both sides to realize the automatic function of the conveying process.

6. during the inquiry, please provide detailed conveying material name, size and requirements, material, size, speed and delivery requirement of the machine.