Precautions Of The Ladder

- May 14, 2018-

Matters needing attention

1.Ladder shall be placed on a firm and stable ground, and shall not be placed on ice, snow or slippery ground without skid and fixed equipment.

2. body fatigue, use of drugs, alcohol consumption or physical disabilities, prohibit the use of ladder.

3. don't stand on the steps of the 1 meters away from the top of the ladder, keep the height of 1 meters, never climb the top support point of the top.

4. no maximum weight load shall be prohibited during operation.

5. prohibit the use of a ladder in a strong wind

6. metal ladder conducts electricity to avoid near the live place

7. when climbing, people face the ladder, hold their hands together, and keep the center of gravity in the middle of the two ladder.

8. do not exceed the top of your head in order to prevent the body from losing balance and danger.

9. prohibit crossing directly from one side of ladder to the other side.