Technological Properties Of Mechanical Parts

- May 14, 2018-

When the machine parts are designed, they should not only meet the requirements of the use, that is, they have the required working ability, but also meet the requirements of production. Otherwise, it may not be made or can be manufactured but the cost of labor costs is very uneconomical. Under the specific production conditions, if the mechanical parts designed are easy to process and the processing cost is very low, such parts are called good manufacturability. The basic requirements for the process are as follows: (1) the preparation of blank in reasonable mechanical manufacturing is: the direct use of profile, casting, forging, stamping and welding. The choice of blank is related to the specific production technology conditions, and generally depends on production volume, material performance and processing possibility. (2) when the structure and shape of the parts are simply and reasonably designed, the simplest surface (such as plane, cylindrical surface, spiral surface) and its combination should be adopted. At the same time, the minimum number of machined surfaces and the minimum processing area should be made as much as possible. (3) the processing cost of parts with proper manufacturing precision and surface roughness is increased with the increase of precision, especially in the case of high precision. Therefore, the high accuracy should not be pursued without sufficient basis. Similarly, the surface roughness of parts should be made according to the actual requirements of the mating surface. To design parts with good workmanship, designers must be combined with technical staff and be good at learning from them. In addition, some basic knowledge about process is provided in the course and Handbook of metal technology for reference.